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Ainbcellach mac Ferchair
Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

Ainbcellach mac Ferchair was king of the Cenél Loairn of Dál Riata, and perhaps of all Dál Riata, from 697 until 698, when he was deposed and exiled to Ireland. He was a son of Ferchar Fota. He is given the epithet the Good in the Duan Albanach, a...

Muiredach mac Ainbcellaig
Man, Person

Muiredach mac Ainbcellaig was king of the Cenél Loairn, and of Dál Riata, from about 733 until 736. He was the son of Ainbcellach mac Ferchair. His coming to power is reported in 733, and is not obviously associated with the death of Eochaid mac...