Definition funny of Ahnaf:

urbanAhnaf considered to be a iconic figure.Always does the right thing.A sexy beast.Attracts a lot of things.Happy and very intellectual.

urbanMademz:Braaaaav I'm bare jealous of this man.Wanna be like Ahnaf Ahnaf:You knowwww meeeee Kıbz's mother:I wanna the sexytıme wıth ahnaf proper ahnaf style Ahnaf:You doknow the dunknow

urbanA small mammalian rodent, native to the antarctic tundra. It burrows under the ground, and scavenges for sustenance in it's insignificant and pathetic life. Also can be used as a very rude insult.

urbanThe Ahnaf is very frequently found dead under the ground, because it is too stupid to realize that it is dying when it runs out of air. Dude, did you see that crazy person who tried to kill me? Ya dude, he was such an Ahnaf!!


Books about Ahnaf:

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booksAhnaf Huffaz E Hadith Ki Fan E Jarah O

booksAhnaf Huffaz E Hadith Ki Fan E Jarah O

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booksThe Image of the Other as Enemy: Radical Discourse in Indonesia (Islam in Southeast Asia: Views from Within Series... (2006)

booksThe Diwan of Abu Fadl Abbas ibn al-Ahnaf by Abbas ibn al-Ahnaf (1980)


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Ahnaf ibn Qais
Man, Person

Al-Ahnaf Ibn Qays was a Muslim general who lived during the time of Muhammad. He hailed from the Arab tribe of Banu Tamim and was born of two noble parents. His father named him ad-Dhahhak, but everybody called him al-Ahnaf, because of a defect in...

Abbas Ibn al-Ahnaf
Writer, Author, Deceased Person, Person

Abu al-Fadl Abbas Ibn al-Ahnaf, Arabic, عباس بن الأحنف, was an Arab Abbasid poet from the clan of Hanifa. His work consists solely of love poems. It is "primarily concerned with the hopelessness of love, and the perosna in his compositions seems...