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urbanCallsign used by a military commander or leader in radio chatter to indicate the acting commander is speaking instead of that platoons Radio Telephone Operator (RTO). If command calls the platoon and requests "Hunter Two-One", they'll be hailing the unit Hunter Two-One, and will therefore speak to the RTO. If command calls for "Hunter Two-One Actual" they are requesting the acting commander of that unit, as opposed to the unit as a whole (and the RTO).

urban-"Hunter Two-One Actual. Come in, Hunter Two-One Actual." -"This is Hunter Two-One." -"No, not the RTO. Hunter Two-One ACTUAL. Just put the lieutenant on the line."

urbanA word that teenagers (in the UK anyways) feel the incessant need to use every time they open their mouths. It is a pointless and ridiculous filler and should be banned to prevent it spreading any further. Examples of usage: wtaf - what the actual fuck omag - oh my actual god bffal - best friend for actual life istag - i swear to actual god soab - son of an actual bitch stafu - shut the actual fuck up

urbanAn Actual Person: omag my bffal!!! Another Actual Person: wtaf??? An Actual Person: istag dylan is a soab!!! Another Actual Person: omag!!!!!!!!! stafu!!!!!!11

urbanBoy/girl friend....in an actual relationship

urbanWhere is the actual tonight? He at home watching the game eating K.F.C. So you have an actual? Yeah her name is Elia.


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Actual infinity

Actual infinity is the idea that numbers, or some other type of mathematical object, can form an actual, completed totality; namely, a set. Hence, in the philosophy of mathematics, the abstraction of actual infinity involves the acceptance of...

Actual malice

Actual malice in United States law is a condition required to establish libel against public officials or public figures and is defined as "knowledge that the information was false" or that it was published "with reckless disregard of whether it was...