Books about Zhuyi:

booksZhuyi Yong Oil Painting (Paperback) by ZHU YI YONG (1991)

booksZhuyi Taoist: The Life and Art of Fu Shan (Paperback) by SUN JIA FU (1991)

booksFeng Chengjun ZhuYi set: the late Ming dynasty FengShi BuMi lattice and the Vatican jesuits (attached the corrected... by [ FA ] SHA BU LIE< ZHUAN> (Mar 1, 2014)

booksRicci Chinese Zhuyi Set [paperback] by Unknown (1991)

books"Hu Shi Pai Ren Qun" Yu Xiandai Zhongguo Ziyou Zhuyi ("The Hu Shi School" and Modern Chinese Liberalism) by ZHANG QING (2004)

booksVinaya Introduction to ancient Tibetan books the Zhuyi Collection (20068)(Chinese Edition) by LE BU DENG ZHU (Jan 1, 2000)

booksCong Ciben Zhuyi Dao Shehui Zhuyi (From Capitalism to Socialism) [in Chinese] by Ernest Mandel (Jan 1, 1997)


Wiki information Zhuyi:

Language Writing System

Bopomofo is the colloquial name of the zhuyin fuhao or zhuyin system of phonetic notation for the transcription of spoken Chinese, particularly the Mandarin dialect. Consisting of 37 characters and four tone marks, it transcribes all possible sounds...

Zhuyin table

This Zhuyin table is a complete listing of all Zhuyin/Bopomofo syllables used in Standard Chinese. Each syllable in a cell is composed of an initial and a final. An empty cell indicates that the corresponding syllable does not exist in Standard...