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urbanPrince Zhong Li commonly known in his days as the Forth Prince of the Aisin-Gioro clan (the Qing Manchu imperial family ruling over China) in the 18th century. He was popularly nicknamed "devil four", providing evil cunning strategies to against his enemies. He was given the posthumous name "loyal", so that his formal title was actually Prince of Loyal.

urbanAs loyal as Zhong Li


Books about Zhongli:

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City/Town/Village, Location, Statistical region, Dated location

Zhongli, formerly Chungli, is a city in Taoyuan County of Taiwan. Zhongli is not always spelt consistently throughout the railway, bus stop or road plates, thus it can be quite confusing for English-only readers. It became a city before Taoyuan City,...

Zhongli Quan

Zhongli Quan is one of the most ancient of the Eight Immortals and the leader of the group. He is also known as Zhongli of Han because he was said to be born during the Han Dynasty. He possesses a fan which has the magical ability of reviving the...