Books about Yunmen:

booksMaster Yunmen: From the Record of the Chan Master "Gate of the Clouds" by Urs App (Sep 1994)

booksTrue Intimacy: Yunmen's Seeing and Hearing by John Daido Loori and Roshi (Jun 27, 2007) - Unabridged

booksMeister Yunmen: Zen- Worte vom Wolkentor - Berg. by Urs App and Yunmen Wenyan (Mar 1, 1994)

booksMedicine and Sickness Heal Each Other: Yunmen's Medicine and Sickness Subdue Each Other by Geoffrey Shugen Arnold (Jul 30, 2012) - Unabridged

booksCh'an teachings of Yun-men school by Chung-yuan Chang (1964)


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Yunmen Wenyan
Monk, Influence Node, Person, Founding Figure, Deceased Person

Yúnmén Wényǎn, was a major Chinese Zen master in Tang-era China. He was a dharma-heir of Xuefeng Yicun Yunmen founded the Yunmen school, one of the five major schools of Chán. The name is derived from Yunmen monastery of Shaozhou where Yunmen was...

Organism Classification

Yunmenglong is an extinct genus of somphospondylan sauropod known from the late Early Cretaceous of Henan Province, central China. Its remains were discovered in the Haoling Formation of the Ruyang Basin. The type species is Yunmenglong ruyangensis,...