Meaning : Save Help,

Origin : Japanese,

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Yukari Expression, Yukari Soul Urge, Yukari Inner Dream


Additional information Yukari:

additionalゆかり, 佑佳里 (save/help + good + countryside)


Definition funny of Yukari:

urbanYukari is an amazing girl who epitomizes cuteness, kindness, and absolute beauty. Snynonomous with "the perfect girl"

urbanYukari is the most amazing girl ever.

urbanCharacter from the bullet hell game Touhou Project. Yukari Yakumo, who has, considerably one of /strongest/ abilities, to create gaps from anywhere and everywhere at her advantage but she's very lazy and sleeps during the day. She's considered a grandma in fandom due to the fact that she claims that she is 17, when she is actually, like over a thousand years. Old gap yet hot hag. In fandom, Yukari can gap anything, I mean she gaps reality from fantasy and other stuff you wouldn't expect.

urbanYukari Yakumo isn't 17! She's very ol- *gapped*

urbanYukari is a term referring to a girl who can not be trusted when drunk. This girl will take shots until coherence is just a vague memory, BUT will never forget to remember which socially unacceptable thing to do next. She will make out with the boy you have been in love with since kindergarden with absolutely no qualms about it. She will steal your license plate or abuse the IPrelay system (internet calling system for deaf people). This type of girl should NEVER be given alcohol, be warned.

urbanThat fucking 'Yukari' drank all of my capt. Morgans and THEN I caught her trying to steal my boyfriend's pants with him still in them.

urban"Yukari" is a term used to describe a slut of East Asian origins. Generally, a yukari is the type of female who will give a strange man a blow job when he drops her off only hours after making his acquaintence. She will most likely cheat on her boyfriend, and though mind games tend to be beyond the capabilities of a yukari's small brain, stupidity and selfishness can be mistaken for higher intelligence. The type of girl who is STD-ridden, and craves sex so much that she will spend hours humping her own hand without it. A yukari can also refer to a particularly busted girl that a guy may drunkenly hook up with, only to regret it once his beer goggles have cleared. This breed of female can be identified by her skanky behavior, a bad Asian-blonde dye job, and she is typically on the chunky side because of the copious amounts of beer she downs while luring in her unfortunate victims.


Songs about Yukari:

songsI wanna change (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) by Clean Tears from the Album Tonality

songsForever with you - Sixth Star Remix (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) by Clean Tears from the Album Shime Deadline

songsCafe night - Night Lounge Remix (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) by Clean Tears from the Album Shime Deadline

songsAmazin' Love (Feat. Yukari Gospel) by Yoshi Blessed from the Album Second Season

songsArtificial memory (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) by As'257G from the Album Unlimited possibilities

songsAtmolights (starlights mix) (feat. Yuzuki Yukari) by Chom-P from the Album Delights! S

songsA Chance To Change Vocals by Yukari Kawada by Kiyohito from the Album Rhythmatic


Books about Yukari:

booksYukari Miyagi: Rabbit and Turtle by Yukari Miyagi (Mar 1, 2006)

booksYukari: Webster's Timeline History, 1958 - 2007 by Icon Group International (Aug 20, 2010)

booksMagical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Force Art Book Gashu Yukari Higa Ilustrations by Yukari Higa (2013)

booksYukari Akimoto - The shy little (Lolita Novel) (1982) ISBN: 4885703050 [Japanese Import] by unknown (0010)

booksYukari Sato DVD pure girl-Pure Angel-() (2008) ISBN: 488380836X [Japanese Import] by Yukari Sato (0010)

booksYUKARI Chance | Photography | ( Japanese Import ) by YUKARI

booksYukari Works Book vol.2


Movies about Yukari:

moviesSWING GIRLS SHINOBU YAGUCHI Juri Ueno, Shihori Kanjiya, Yuika Motokariya, Yukari Toyoshima - Runtime: 1 hr 44 mins

moviesJapanese Beautiful Actress / Model " Yukari Sato " Sexy and Hot DVD Movie - Brand New From Japan - Region Free... -

moviesTamura Yukari Love Live 2008 Chelsea 2008 -

moviesYukari Tamura - Yukari Tamura Love Live * Fruits Fruits Cherry * & * Caramel Ribbon * KIXM-169 Unrated -

moviesYukari Never Ending Summer · Naka Summer Yukari Blu-ray Edition 2012 -

moviesYukari Tamura Love Live Princess a la mode -

moviesKabuki - Gei No Shinzui Series Edo Yukari No Ie No Gei Bando Mitsugoro NSDS-18770 Unrated -


Wiki information Yukari:

Yukari Tamura
Radio personality, TV Personality, Lyricist, Musician, Musical Artist, Person, Film actor, TV Actor

Yukari Tamura is a Japanese singer-songwriter and voice actress, affiliated with Arts Vision. Affectionately called Yukarin by her fans, she is also known for her high-pitched voice and interest in Lolita fashion. She made her debut as a voice...

Yukari Oshima
Actor, Person, Film actor, Person or entity appearing in film

Yukari Ōshima, Pinyin: Dàidǎo Yóujiālǐ, born December 31, 1963 is a Japanese actress and martial artist. Oshima gained prominence in Hong Kong and became the pseudo female counterpart of Jackie Chan in the country, making her a household name in...