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booksHosokawa Yoriyuki to Nishiyama Jizoin monjo (Kyoto Daigaku Bungakubu Hakubutsukan no komonjo) (Japanese Edition... (1988)


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Hosokawa Yoriyuki
Family member, Person, Deceased Person

Hosokawa Yoriyuki was a samurai of the Hosokawa clan, and prominent government minister under the Ashikaga shogunate, serving as Kyoto Kanrei from 1367 to 1379. The first to hold this post, he solidified the power of the shogunate, as well as...

Arima Yoriyuki
Mathematician, Deceased Person, Person

Arima Yoriyuki was a Japanese mathematician of the Edo period. He was the lord of Kurume Domain and approximated the value of and its square, . In 1766, he found the following rational approximation of pi, correct to 29 digits: