Definition funny of Yerves:

urbanA happy greeting sound or salutation, used almost exclusively by the furry culture.

urban"Yerf!" (read: "Hi!")

urbanAny non-sexual furry content as opposed to yiff.

urban"That's a yerfy, G-rated site." "I'm disappointed! Only yerf and no yiff!"

urbanFormerly the Squeaky Clean Furry Archives, this website hosted furry art of a completely clean nature. Overtime the site became very selective of who it let in, and so being accepted onto Yerf was considered a great honor for aspiring furry artists.

urbanYerf was The best furry art archive EVAR. Wish I could have gotten in.

urbanA word used to express exetreme excitedment, or eagerness. Can also be used to express understanding of a subject, theory or plan. The word is usually yelled obnoxiously in a manner such as lil jon would say yeah! Derived from the name of the some-what popular go-kart brand Yerf-dog. Also may be used anytime you make a powerful/sharp turn in a car. Another use for the word is to yell it when looking for a friend in a crowd or in the woods, in this case yerf can be exchanged with the rapper "birdman's" signature call BRRRRRRRRRRR (as to imitate a pigeon or other bird-like creature's call)


Wiki information Yerves:

Kate Yerves
Actor, Person, Film actor

Kate Yerves appeared in the 2011 film Super 8.