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urbanThe cross between a Whale & a Hippopotamus. Normally located in the United States, they prowl on ruining people's relationships with their spouses and they make very loud noises and no one wants to see them. Hunted by groups of Females and Males, their skin is used for Tennis Rackets and clothing in the winter. Whippos are known to be easy to hunt because they are very slow and too busy mating with each other.


urbann; An over-weight person, a fatty. Comes from the combination of the words "whale" and "hippo". Usually used jokingly between friends.

urbanI feel like a whippo after eating that cake. Girl, you are such a whippo. Dude, did you see that chick he hooked up with? She was a major whippo!


Books about Whippo:

booksThe story of George Whippo who died in Centre County, PA about 1813 by Raymond Martin Bell (1989)

booksA woman's pioneer life in the Texas panhandle, 1887-1920: The story of Lovisa Lucelia Whippo Bates Teas, 1856-... by Lucelia Lovisa Bates Saier (1982)

booksReports of surveys, by Chas. T. Whippo and Chas. De Hass, principle engineers, for a rail-road from New Castle... by Charles T Whippo (1837)


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Organism Classification

Whippomorpha is a clade containing the Cetacea and their closest living relatives, the hippopotamuses, named by Waddell et al.. It is defined as a crown group, including all species that are descendants of the most recent common ancestor of...

Samuel Whippo
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Samuel Whippo is an actor.