Meaning : The Virgin,

Origin : Latin,

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additionalUsed for children born under this astrological sign.


Definition funny of Virgo:

urbanThe 6th Sign of The Zodiac. Virgos are the Sexiest Sign in all The Zodiac. It is the only Zodiac sign represented by a female. "The Virgin. "They are called the Virgins, but that dosent mean they act like one" Virgos are actually quite sexual and love to please their partner over and over but they are not sluts, they would only do this when they are in a committed long-term relationship. They are a mutable earth sign (which means they adapt to change easily). Virgos tend to be organized, intelligent and helpful. Not all Virgos are like that (im Virgo and im messy and unorganized) There are many more factors that determine your personality besides your sun sign such as rising sign, moon sign, etc.

urbanVirgos are born Aug 22 - Sept 23

urbananyone born between August 23 and September 22. quite sexy people(especially females)

urbanMayra is the hottest chick ever,and she wants to please me as well. She's a keeper,and a Virgo!

urbanVirgo is the sixth sign of the Western zodiac. It is the only sign represented by a female. Virgo is a low-intensity, female, mutable earth sign, which basically means that it runs through the autumn equinox. This makes Virgoans able to see both sides of a situation. (Other mutable signs include Gemini, Pisces, and Sagittarius.) Virgo is theoretically most compatible with Taurus, Capricorn, Scorpio, and Cancer. It is most incompatible with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Virgos are usually neat, organized, intelligent people. They like to be busy and have order in their lives. They are usually not sexually promisicuous (Of course, this depends on other factors in their charts). Virgos are gifted with a keen analytical ability, which is a reason why they cannot get along with Pisces- these two signs are in opposition! Virgo sees the details while Pisces sees the big picture. Virgos have a servile nature and like cleanliness and health food. Virgos are seen as the "Virgin", but when these signs were named, a virgin meant "to be able to say no". Virgo was also once the sign of the fertility of the Earth.

urbanA person's sun sign is Virgo if they are born between August 22nd and September 23rd. People born on the cusps are often jokingly called "Leegos" or "Vlibras". Lol! Virgo is square to Gemini and Sagittarius, and in opposition to Pisces. However, Virgo is trine to Capricorn and Taurus, and sextile to Scorpio and Cancer. I am a Sun in Virgo/Moon in Virgo, but I am a very messy person! Although I demonstrate Virgoan characteristics, my outward personality (Aka ascendant) is Gemini, so I tend to exhibit Gemini characteristics. A good place to find out more about yourself in astrology is

urbanThe Virgo is generally portrayed as a natural, steady being. The virgo is known for her absolute order, she is a rule unto herself. She bears supreme emotional strength, her greatest fear is that of seeming weak and helpless. Her power to speak her mind is often frowned upon by others. She doesn't judge, but observes. She is known for her creativity, she challenges herself artistically. She bears a root of sensuality that only a few are privileged to witness. She pays close attention to her mate and gives pleasure to his senses. She craves to feel enlightened by sensuality, but will never say. Her intelligence over rules her impulse. She is a deep thinker, but is infatuated with thought. She sees everything, but says nothing. She is the wittiest of woman. Her humour is her best trait and she uses it to her advantage. Her mannerisms are elegant, however, there is an awkward streak to this perfectionist. She is interested in people and longs to be seen as an object of interest. She observes freedom from a distance, never dares to meet its acquaintance.


Songs about Virgo:

songsConductus: Salve virgo tonantis solium by Anonymous 4 from the Album The Lily & The Lamb - chant & polyphony from medieval England

songsVirgo (feat. Lee Morgan, Reginald Workman & Elvin Jones) (2004 - Remaster) by Wayne Shorter from the Album Night Dreamer (feat. Lee Morgan, Reginald Workman & Elvin Jones) ( The Rudy Van Gelder Edition)

songsVirgo (Explicit Album Version) by Nas featuring Ludacris and Doug E. Fresh from the Album Street's Disciple [Explicit]

songsVirgo by José Feliciano from the Album And The Feeling's Good

songsAve Maria..virgo serena (Josquin des Prez) by Zephyrus from the Album Angelus

songsAve Virgo (Based On A Theme From Mozart's Clarinet Concerto) by Libera/Robert Prizeman/Ian Tilley/Steven Geraghty/Fiona Pears from the Album Peace (Luxury Edition) [+Digital Booklet]

songsVirgo [feat. Nas] [Explicit] by Ludacris from the Album The Red Light District [Explicit]


Books about Virgo:

booksVirgo by Derek Parker (Sep 15, 1992)

booksVIRGO HOROSCOPE 2015 by Lisa Lazuli (Oct 18, 2014)

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Movies about Virgo:

moviesVirgo - Astro 12 The Collection 2011 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 10 mins Starring: Kathleen Fee and Vlasta Vrana Directed by: Henrique Vera-Villanueva

moviesThe Virgo, The Taurus and the Capricorn 2008 Unrated - Runtime: 1 hr 32 mins Starring: Edwige Fenech, Alberto Lionello, et al. Directed by: Luciano Martino

moviesVirgo - Astro 12 The Collection 2010 - Runtime: 1 hr 9 mins Starring: Narrated by Kathleen Fee & Vlasta Vrana Directed by: Henrique Vera-Villanueva

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Virgo is one of the constellations of the zodiac. Its name is Latin for virgin, and its symbol is ♍. Lying between Leo to the west and Libra to the east, it is the second largest constellation in the sky. It can be easily found through its brightest...

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Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac. Virgo is the second-largest constellation. It spans the 150-180th degree of the zodiac, between 152.75 and 180 degree of celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun transits this area on...


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