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urbanven·dee noun- plural ven·dies ven·dees, verb- ven·died ven·deed, ven·dy·ing. ven·dee·ing 1. Individuals whom hang around the vending machines typically smoking 'cigs'. -Sub-cultures of this demographic can also taken from the meta classifications of all popular cultures or cliques and redefined and suffixed with the term 'vendy'. -Unfortunately, anyone can be a vendy.

urbanBro: 'Dude, I just tried to grab a bag of chips from the machine around the corner, and got stared down by a bunch of vendies' Dude: 'Haha! Was it the hipster vendies? I've never had trouble with them before." Bro: 'Nah dude, the goth vendies. I'm pretty sure one of them hissed at me.' Dude: 'Damn Bro, I dont know whats up, but I heard the emo vendies were acting up too.' Bro: 'Yea, I heard Homie talking about how he got vendied by them yesterday.' Dude: 'Almost make me want to start vendying just so i can grab something to eat.' Bro: 'Whoa Dude, too far!'

urbanAn abbreviation for vending machines, it originated in a northwest ohio school but has spread in usage nationwide due to dispersion of graduates

urbanhey, I'm hungry, do you want to go the vendies?


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booksSummer's Last Hurrah, Weird Courses, Bill Hader (The Skeleton Twins), The Vendy Awards - September 11-17, 2014... by Terri White (2014)


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Krista Vendy
Actor, Film actor, TV Actor, Person

Krista Vendy is an Australian actress who played teacher Teresa "Tess" Bell on the Australian soap opera Neighbours from 1999–2001. She is the cousin of Kristian Schmid, and was managed by Scott Michaelson, both of whom are past Neighbours stars....

Vendyl Jones
Archaeologist, Deceased Person, Person

Vendyl Miller Jones was an American Noahide scholar who directed archaeological searches for Biblical artifacts such as the Ark of the Covenant.