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urbanVel⋅entz⋅as vuhl-ehntz-uhs –noun An individual of Greek origin who's roots can be traced back -with pinpoint accuracy-to Aristotle. A velentzas can be expected to naturally possess, from the time of birth, an aptitude for bridge engineering, irrigation planing, and debate. -verb, velentzas, velentzas⋅ing (used with objects) to expend ones inate velentzasness on matters of higher importance and ultimate consequence.

urbanMichael valentzased his way through mind-crunching questions of nuclear physics and geosensing; a true velentzas of his time.


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Giorgos Velentzas
Actor, Person, Film actor, Influence Node

Giorgos Velentzas is a Greek actor.

Velentzas crime family
Organization, Family

The Velentzas crime family is a Greek-American criminal organization operating in the New York City area. Mostly active in the 1980s and 1990s with illegal gambling. Today the organization is still active in illegal gambling operating with the...