Definition funny of Trebonius:

urbanA word normally used as an adjective to describe and incident or thing. Can be used as either positive or negative.

urbanI drank way too much last night, i am feeling trebonius. That party last night was trebonius.


Books about Trebonius:

booksTT.61: Three Generations of Titus Trebonius (Volume 1) by Mr. Frank B. Thompson III (May 22, 2014)

booksGlossariu Care Coprinde Vorbele D'in Limb'a Romana Straine Prin Originea Sau Form'a Loru: Cumu Si Celle De Origine... (Jan 12, 2010)


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Politician, Person, Person Or Being In Fiction, Military Person, Deceased Person

Gaius Trebonius was a military commander and politician of the late Roman Republic, who became Suffect Consul in 45 BC. A trusted associate of Julius Caesar, he was later among those who instigated the plot to assassinate the Dictator.

Gaius Trebonius
Film character, Book Character, Theater Character, Fictional Character

The fictional representation of Gaius Trebonius, a military commander and politician of the late Roman Republic.