Definition funny of Trauma:

urbanA word that can be used as an adjective, noun or adverb. It is typically best used when you are stressed-out, but it can also be used whenever you want to say something, but really don't know what word to use.

urbanCeleste was one trauma client. Why are you wearing such a trauma dress? Full fun trauma happened!!

urbanA type of literature genre which scars you for life, makes you waste your life, makes you needlessly go through pain staking chapters and chapters of unrelated plot. Generally having to do with the love life of two individuals who uses up their teenage life just to get to second base. A repetitive cycle of love and hate where the main protagonists are so indecisive about their love life that they have relationships with random people just to understand that they love each other, and in the end break everyone heart -_____-. A love story that forces you to read through repetitive drama situations with unrealistic main characters that always make the wrong choices making the story way longer than it needs to be.

urbanKimi No Iru Machi: a trauma that took the main characters freaking 138 chapters to realize they loved each other, and then another 123 chapters to get married =.=. Making 138 chapters of unrealistic drama wasn't bad enough, but to make the readers wait another 123 chapters for them to get married wtf.

urbanA word used to show how extremely shocked you are at something. Derived by Sam and co from the word trauma, and i'm sure you know what trauma means. If not, then try a dictionary.

urbanPerson A - I really hate X she's such a bitch! Person B - Trauma! That's a bit harsh!

urbanMajor, Shocking, Bad, Emergency


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Books about Trauma:

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Movies about Trauma:

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Wiki information Trauma:

Major trauma
Disease or medical condition, Risk Factor, Disease cause, Cause Of Death

Major trauma is injury that can potentially lead to serious outcomes. For research purposes the definition is often based on an injury severity score of greater than 15. There are many causes of injury that can affect a person in different ways, both...

Trauma center

A trauma center is a hospital equipped and staffed to provide comprehensive emergency medical services to patients suffering traumatic injuries. Trauma centers grew into existence out of the realization that traumatic injury is a disease process unto...


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