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booksA desconfiança em Porto Alegre durante a Primeira Guerra: Teuto-brasileiros: cidadãos leais ou retovados? (Portuguese... by Stefan Chamorro Bonow (Jul 10, 2014)

booksTeuto Oder Urnamen Der Teutschen Gesammelt Und Erklärt... by Georg W. Beneken (Feb 27, 2012)

booksTrouble im Teuto by Rudi Lause (2006)

booksDictionnaire Etymologique Et Comparatif Des Langues Teuto-Gothiques. Trad (French Edition) by Heinrich Meidinger (Sep 16, 2013)

booksDictionnaire Etymologique Et Comparatif Des Langues Teuto-Gothiques. L'Ancien Gothique, L'Ancien Haut-Allemand... by Heinrich Meidinger (Sep 15, 2013)

booksIm Teuto versteckt und überlebt (German Edition) by Marion Meier (Jan 29, 2014)

booksDictionnaire Étymologique Et Comparatif Des Langues Teuto-Gothiques. L'ancien Gothique, L'ancien Haut-Allemand... by Heinrich Meidinger (Feb 22, 2010)


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The Teutons were a Germanic tribe mentioned by Greek and Roman authors, notably Strabo and Marcus Velleius Paterculus. According to a map by Ptolemy, they originally lived in Jutland, which is in agreement with Pomponius Mela, who placed them in...

Teutonic Knights
Military order, Order of Chivalry, Literature Subject, Organization, Religious Organization, Military Combatant, Religious order

The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem, commonly the Teutonic Order, was a German medieval military order, and became in modern times a purely religious Catholic order. It was formed to aid Christians on their...