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booksThe Table-Talk of a Mesopotamian Judge: Being the First Part of the Nishwar Al-Muhadarah, or Jami Al-Tawarikh... by al-Tanukhi al-Muhassin ibn Ali (Jun 1, 2009)

booksThe table-talk of a Mesopotamian judge, being the first part of the Nishwar al-Muhadarah, or Jami al-tawarikh... by al-Tanukhi al-Muhassin ibn Ali (Jul 29, 2010)

booksNarrative judgments: The qad&dotbelow;i al-Tanukhi and the "Faraj" genre in medieval Arabic literature. by Marc Helmuth Moebius (Sep 3, 2011)


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The Tanûkhids or Tanukh were originally from the Qahtani confederation of Arab tribes, sometimes characterized as Saracens. They first rose to prominence in northern Arabia and south of Syria in the 3rd century BCE. Both Lakhmid and Tanukhid...

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Sahnun ibn Sa'id ibn Habib at-Tanukhi was a jurist in the Maliki school from Qayrawan in modern-day Tunisia.