Meaning : Filial Piety,

Origin : Japanese,

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Takako Expression, Takako Soul Urge, Takako Inner Dream


Additional information Takako:

additionalFrom Japanese 孝 (taka) "filial piety" and 子 (ko) "child".


Definition funny of Takako:

urbanFake ass corporate snobs with tweaked-out eyes who pretend to know what the hell they are talking about. They are usually born abroad in a very submissive country (such as Japan) and thus, feel the need to take out their suppressed anger on their peers in a low-life, phony corporate setting. Takakos, often coined "beeyotches," love to boost self esteem by surrounding themselves with subordinates who are equally as fake as they are. All parties typically are under agreement to talk behind one another's back but smile in person. In a desperate attempt to show they are cool, they throw in random cuss words in meetings. However, their inner-fobness prevents them from properly placing those cuss words, allowing others to read right through them. Takakos often visit meetings with their PDAs handy so they can keep up with their bullshit while bullshitting during the meeting. They have perfected the art of portraying good vibes by tilting their head, making direct eye contact, giving a thumbs up and saying "great." As an indirect slap in the face to their native culture, Takakos usually have a significant other completely opposite of their natural fitting. They typically take on gumpy caucasian men who are equally driven but not nearly as competent in bitchassness. They will rarely visit their native country because they have completely sold out on life as a human being. The catch to dealing with Takakos daily is to show your feelings toward them openly, and dare them to fire you. Once you show you don't give a shit about what they think, they will usually duck from confrontation from you, and will go to sleep at night feeling like the low-life loser they know they really are inside. The key is to make them realize you know how fake they are, so that when they continue to act fake, they feel even more like a loser inside. That's right. I said it!

urbanHomie, did you see the Takako in the meeting? Word, what the hell was up with her eyes? Oh, she's probably just a tweaker. Did you see her wink and give thumbs up like 4x? Naw, I couldn't get past her fake ass tone of voice in there. Shit made my ears bleed. What about when she said, "What uh the shit is this. We have to uh make sure fuck we're at the shit least on our best behavior. Uh, yeah. Does that make sense? Great! Super!" Did you at least see how her hair being tied back made her eyes all cuh-razy? Yup, next time I'll poke them shits out when she says, "ok, so next steps..." Lol, that fake ass biznatch!


Songs about Takako:

songsGlory Kimiga Irukara [Originally Performed by Takako Uehara] by Angel's Music Box from the Album Onepiece music box 1

songsHagureso Na Tenshi Originally Performed By Okamura Takako by Orgel Sound J-Pop from the Album Orgel J-Pop Hit Vol-260

songsHohoemu Takako by Minami Nozaki from the Album Eiga Morisakishoten No Hibi Original Soundtrack

songsHohoemu Takako by Minami Nozaki from the Album Film Works Vol.2 Tokyo

songsKousou Bar No Takako by Osamu Sakaguchi from the Album Adrift In Tokyo

songsKyuuu (feat. MC TakakO) by Oicho from the Album Oicho

songsSakura No Ame(Originally Performed by Takako Matsu) by Vega Orgel from the Album Music Box Collection 6032


Books about Takako:

booksTakako and the Great Typhoon by Kelly Garcia and Carmen Daniel (Apr 7, 2009)

booksUeno takako haiku zensyu 2000-2010 (Japanese Edition) by Takako Ueno (Oct 2, 2014)

booksMiike Takako beautiful photographer with G-cup bust (Japanese Edition) by king of japanese paparazzi (Oct 28, 2013)

booksTakako: Webster's Timeline History, 1939 - 2007 by Philip M. Parker (Jun 3, 2008)

booksTakako Oishi piece assembly (1983) ISBN: 4061405845 [Japanese Import] (0010)

booksTakako Oishi calligraphy (modern Japanese calligraphy aggregation) (1905) ISBN: 4099120066 [Japanese Import] by Takako Oishi (0100)

booksTakako forever (Traditional Chinese Edition)


Movies about Takako:

moviesCONFESSIONS - Japanese 2010 movie DVD Takako Matsu a.k.a. Kokuhaku NC-17 - Runtime: 1 hr 47 mins Starring: Takako Matsu, Okada masaki, et al. Directed by: Tetsuya Nakashima

moviesVillon's Wife Japanese Movie Dvd English Sub Best Director Award Winning At Montreal World Film Festival Unrated -

moviesTakako Okamura - Encore VII Okamura Takako Premium Live 2012 Christmas Picnic YCBW-10035 Unrated -

moviesTakako Yamada / Homarekai -

moviesConfessions Starring Takako Matsu, Masaki Okada and Yoshino Kimura - Starring: Masaki Okada

moviesPrimavera Precoz Chikage Awashima; Takako Fujino; Ryo Ikeb Unrated -

moviesTakako Matsu Concert Tour 2010 "Time for Music" -


Wiki information Takako:

Takako Matsu
Pop Artist, Composer, Film actor, TV Actor, Musical Artist, Person, Award Winner, Musician, Lyricist, Award Nominee

Takako Matsu, born Takako Fujima, on June 10, 1977 in Tokyo, is a Japanese actress and pop singer/songwriter.

Takako Fuji
Voice actor, Musical Artist, Person, Film actor, Influence Node

Takako Fuji is a Japanese actress and voice actress with strong ties to theatre. She is well known for her praised performance as Kayako Saeki in The Grudge and Ju-on franchises.