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additionalOld Norse form of SVYATOPOLK. It was borne by the prominent 13th-century Swedish nobleman Svantepolk Knutsson.


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Svantepolk of Viby
Deceased Person, Person

Svantepolk Knutsson, Lord of Viby in Östergötland, was a Scandinavian magnate. Svantepolk's father was Canute, Duke of Revalia, a bastard son of king Valdemar II of Denmark with a high-born Swedish lady Helena, daughter of Earl Guttorm. His mother...

Ingrid Svantepolksdotter

Ingrid Svantepolksdotter, was a Swedish noble and abbess. She is foremost known for being the central figure in one of the famous incidents referred to as the Maiden Abduction from Vreta, where she, like her mother before her, was abducted from Vreta...