Definition funny of Summit:

urbanthe home of magic fountain.

urbani only go to summit for magic fountain.

urbanI am from Summit. I know "the city" as nothing else but New York. I don't go to the beach, I go to the shore. I started drinking at 13 and have been going strong since. I know drinking doesnt have to wait until the weekend. I know I will probably end up at Broadway Diner after every party. Beirut is called Beirut; Beer Pong is played with a fucking PADDLE. I know The Office isnt a work place, its great food; and I cant wait for the day to be able to go, "on the other side" there. A night of drinking is 10-15 beers not 3-6 like other towns. I know we always have and always will, own the sport of lacrosse. When someone refers to, The Twins, Im thinkin Dwayne and Dwight, not Coors Light, and Im not the only one. I know exactly where, the flag pole is and cops come by all public parks at 10 pm. We all drink and drive, simply becausewe would never be able to drive. Hot dog people are Asian, no exceptions. I cringe at the thought that we have to drive into New Prov to get to Joses. I know when someone asks me for a solo, they mean a red cup to drink beer from not a fucking song. And no matter how hard I try, I just cant seem to park my car any closer to a housethan around the corner. and across the street. If its not an AP class, its sped. My goal in life is to FBC (and I know what those letters stand for). I know that the best black and white milkshakes come directly from Magic Fountain. I know that Tatlock parking lot is the unofficial meeting spot when we have nothing to do. I know that a 30 minute lunch period is JUST enough to make a deli run and get back with a sub and a half-and-half. When someone says, money, they arent referring to currency. Ive sat in detention, for morning lates. Going on a run, involves a trip to Springfield, a fake ID from the city and a 30 packnot running shoes. I know Summit is the best town in the US, and even though I have no idea what a Hilltopper is, I am proud to call it home.

urbanWelcome to Summit Bitches

urbanthe epitome of the 70's, sex, drugs and rock and roll. This town breeds athletes and weed. The money that passes through this town is more than some chatham kid is worth. This town is definetly the at the top, hence the name.

urbanCheck the scoreboard of every lacrosse game

urbanSummit- A slang for something, actually, its a native slang for something, comming all the way from Thompson Manitoba


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Movies about Summit:

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Geographical feature category, Telescope platform, Mountain type

In topography, a summit is a point on a surface that is higher in elevation than all points immediately adjacent to it. Mathematically, a summit is a local maximum in elevation. In terms of elevation opposite to it are foothills. The topographic...

Membership organization, Organization, Employer

The Group of Eight was the name of a forum for the governments of a group of eight leading industrialised countries that was originally formed by six leading industrialised countries and subsequently extended with two additional members. Russia,...