Definition funny of Stump:

urbanA short, poorly dressed porn actress; specifically Kendra Jade

urbanLook at the stump hanging on to Lukas Rossi like a cold sore.

urbanthe remaining part of an amputated limb (i.e. arm or leg)

urbanCherry's stump is so freakin' attractive even if it's just three inches from her hip.

urbanA drinking game in which a group of people sit around a "stump" (usually a log which is wide in radius and so big that the players wonder how the hell it was transported to the place of game-play). Each Player must hammer a nail slightly into the stump to mark their place around the circle, with the nail standing upright and only about 1/4" into the wood. Players pass the hammer around to take turns. On a players turn, he/she must hit an empty place on the wood, followed by a middle nail which is placed at the center of the stump, and finally another player's nail. Typically, this is done with the player's opposite hand. When your nail is hit, you must take a shot/drink. If it is your turn and you do not hit the middle nail, you forfeit the chance to swing at another player's nail and must take a drink. This also applies if you swing at another person's nail and miss. A player is "out" when his or her nail is either hammered completely into the stump so that it cannot be removed with the back of the hammer or by slamming the sides, or if the nail flies out of the wood after being hit. The winner is the person whose nail outlasts the others, and generally the most sober player at the end of the game. This is thought to be the dumbest and most fun of all party games. Also thought to have originated at Ohio University, the #1 party school in America.

urbanKid cool enough to have a stump in his living room: "Hey, you guys wanna play stump?" Everyone at the party: WTF is Stump? Kid: "Oh you'll see."

urbana person who is short and stuby in stature


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Stump is a term used in the sport of cricket where it has three meanings, part of the wicket, a manner of dismissing a batsman and the end of the day's play.

Tree stump
Visual Art Medium

After a tree has been cut and felled, the stump or tree stump is usually a small remaining portion of the trunk with the roots still in the ground. Stumps may show the age-defining rings of a tree. The study of these rings is known as...