Definition funny of Strident:

urbanLoud and obnoxious, in-your-face, cacophonous, dissonant, screeching, shrill, grating.

urbanAnne Boleyn's stridently sexy allure, sophistication, and sharp tongued wit captivated Henry VIII. Glenn Beck sobbed and whined stridently in his reactionary performance, based more on emotion and pandering than on sound information. The Tea Party shrieked their bizarre agenda stridently over the news, their lack of adequate education was painfully clear; it's doubtful that any of them even knew what the Boston Tea Party was really about.

urbanObnoxiously loud, or cacophonous, "in your face" noise.

urbanDamn, that biatch is strident. See: Battle Toads

urbanused as a derogatory description of any impassioned person (especially women) when they speak on a subject that you disagree with

urbanIndependents make up nearly half the Bay State electorate...And many of them may perceive Elizabeth Warren as too strident and harsh

urbana combination of stride and trident gum


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Books about Strident:

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Strident vowel

Strident vowels are strongly pharyngealized vowels accompanied by epiglottal trill, where the larynx is raised and the pharynx constricted, so that either the epiglottis or the arytenoid cartilages vibrate instead of the vocal cords. Strident vowels...

Canonical Version, Musical Recording


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