Definition funny of Stoba:

urbana man who will aquire alot of money or possesions or makes them themselves

urbanone day i wanna become a stoba hey, that bill gates is a stoba


Books about Stoba:

booksEpictetus: Selections from his Discourses as reported by Arrian and from the fragments contained in the writings... by Epictetus (1904)


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Man, Deceased Person, Person

Joannes Stobaeus, from Stobi in Macedonia, was the compiler of a valuable series of extracts from Greek authors. The work was originally divided into two volumes containing two books each. The two volumes became separated in the manuscript tradition,...


STOBAR is a system used for the launch and recovery of aircraft from the deck of an aircraft carrier, combining elements of both short take-off and vertical landing with catapult-assisted take-off but with arrested recovery. Aircraft launch under...