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urbanA spiral is a symbol of growth, development and evolution, because of the way it can be drawn forever. "The Spiral," or Lateralus, refers to the universe and the way in which it grows. It can be seen in everything from the tiny form of DNA molecules and the paths of subatomic particles, to the cosmic form of galaxies and the paths of planets around stars, including countless cases in between such as the shape of the nautilus shell, sunflowers' faces, fingerprints, hurricanes, the cochlea, crop circles, springs, heating coils, and energy-saving light bulbs.

urban'History never repeats itself, for arguments and thoughts move not in circles, but in spirals.' - Paraphrase of Socrates, Greek philosopher, on Dialectics "And following our will and whim, we may just go where no one's been. We'll ride the Spiral to the end; and may just go where no one's been." - Excerpt from Lateralus, by Tool "I feel rain pouring down. I wait to rot away; live again. Here, forever, the Spiral never ends." - Excerpt from The Spiral, by Godsmack "Twenty years ago, at a Rainbow Gathering, on my last acid trip, I saw The Spiral. I realized that death is an illusion and that we're all active agents in God's eternal process of creation. Nothing has troubled me since." - Some 50 year old Christian fanatic I met in jail (See also irony and O rly)

urbanWhen a person is hung up on an ex, anything that reminds them of the person makes them go to a very dark place.

urbanHe needs to stay away from that girl, seeing her with her new boyfriend really makes him spiral.

urbanA person with a big penis

urbanBilly: "That guy looks like a donkey, because his penis is very large" Gorge: "No he's just a Spiral"

urbantwisted little fucker that watches you have sex with many anonymous partners


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Books about Spiral:

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Movies about Spiral:

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Spiral galaxy
Galactic shape

A spiral galaxy is a certain kind of galaxy originally described by Edwin Hubble in his 1936 work The Realm of the Nebulae and, as such, forms part of the Hubble sequence. Spiral galaxies consist of a flat, rotating disc containing stars, gas and...


In mathematics, a spiral is a curve which emanates from a central point, getting progressively farther away as it revolves around the point.