Definition funny of Spikes:

urbanCool vampire with a soul

urbanSpike is way cooler than Angel

urbanpouring alcohol into something

urban"omg! someone spiked the punch!"

urban1-a large very pointed object could be used a tool like working on railroads or could be used as a very deadly stabbing weapon 2-slang used to describe when a drink has been tainted with alcohol or some more dangerous illegal substance ie roofies 3-A vampire character from the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel played by James Marsters -A British nerd who was a poet and was picked on and laughed at by his friends and was given the name "William the Bloody" as in the "the bloody awful poet" by a snobby British aristocrat who was rivals with Spike in winning over some noble English woman at some party -Spike was sired (transformed into a vampire) by Drusilla (who was transformed by Angel) -William now became Spike soon afterward as he returned to meet with that rich British snob and killed him by nailing him with railroad SPIKES...since during the party the snob insulted Spike by saying his poems were so awful that he'd "rather be nailed with railroad spikes"...and so that became William's new name -Came to Sunnydale to cure Drusilla who was weak only to be injured and be in a wheelchair for a while -He left with Drusilla, but later returned to Sunnydale because Drusilla cheated on him and he fell in love with Buffy. -Ran into Buffy's boyfriend-Riley Finn's spy demon group-The Initiative and was implanted with a chip so he couldn't harm humans (whenever he does, the chip electrifies him). -After confessing his feelings to Buffy and trying to rape her, Buffy was pissed at him and he went into despair. -After being rejected by Buffy, Spike went to Africa to become an evil vampire again...only to be given back his soul as Angel was given. -Went back to Sunnydale and this time fought alongside Buffy and her friends and even sacrificed himself by wearing a sacred amulet that "only a champion could wear" and in doing so burned and killed himself as he destroyed the other vampires escaping the Hell Mouth at Buffy's series finales -After Buffy ended, he became a regular on its spin-off Angel and returned when the amulet he wore was sent to Angel's place in an envelope and he came out from it. -After being resurrected, Spike was being psychologically attacked by an old voo doo doctor who made Spike see visions of dead people that worked in Angel's building and had killed themselves because of the doctor's spells. The doctor had hoped to avoid his place in hell by making other people feel guilty about something and having them hacking themselves to death to take his place...of course Spike was his next victim. Spike avoided hell as he managed to overcome his fears and defeat the doctor. -Spike teamed with Angel along with the rest of his team in LA as they were being attacked by various demons at the series finale of Angel.

urbanEx1-Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer used railroad spikes to torture his victims. Ex2-Dude, this punch tastes kinda nasty and bitter and I think it made me vomit, I think someone spiked it. Ex3-Spike was Buffy's 2nd vampire lover besides her 1st which was Angel.

urbanA hot vampire.


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Movies about Spikes:

moviesSpike [HD] 2013 NR CC - Runtime: 1 hr 12 mins Starring: Alexis Tomassian, Med Hondo, et al. Directed by: David Alaux and Eric Tosti

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moviesThe Spike Lee Joint Collection, Vol. 1 2014 R - Runtime: 2 hrs 15 mins Starring: Edward Norton, Philip Seymour Hoffman, et al. Directed by: Spike Lee


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