Definition funny of Spacer:

urbanthe screen that musicians use over the mic so it is clearer

urbanyo dawg how much was your mic and spacer

urbanA person who is prone to casual daydreaming, devil-may-care carelessness and forgetfulness. For most purposes, the word is synonymous with stoner.

urban'Gary forgot to bring those gauzes into uni AGAIN today.' 'Jesus, what a spacer!'

urbanThings that go into your ears that make the hole in them larger.They come in various sizes.14gauge - 12gauge-10gauge - 8gauge - 6gauge up to 00gauge. Usually used by scene kids.

urbanPerson 1: Yo ! Guess What? Person 2: What ? Person 1: The Spacers in my ear are now 00 gauge Person 2: Awesome !

urbanSomeone who is addicted to MySpace and all he/she talks about is MySpace. See MySpace whore.


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Books about Spacer:

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Movies about Spacer:

moviesMixmasters Vol. 1 / The Audiovisual Sessions -

moviesBarwy wojny: Nasz okręt / Marsz ku chwale / Dzień bez końca / Spacer w slońcu BOX NR - Runtime: 4 hrs 59 mins Starring: Bernard Miles, Richard Attenborough, et al. Directed by: Noel Coward, David Lean, Robert Pirosh, et al.


Wiki information Spacer:

Character Species

Spacers were the fictional first humans to emigrate to space in Isaac Asimov's Foundation and related Robot and Empire series. In these stories, about a millennium thereafter, they severed political ties with Earth, and embraced low population-growth...

Internal transcribed spacer

Internal transcribed spacer refers to a piece of non-functional RNA situated between structural ribosomal RNAs on a common precursor transcript. Read from 5' to 3', this polycistronic rRNA precursor transcript contains the 5' external transcribed...