Books about Sireno:

booksSireno, sireno! / Siren, Siren (Spanish Edition) by An Alfaya and Xulia Barros Barros (Jun 30, 2007)

booksSireno, sireno! / Siren, Siren (Infantil E Xuvenil) (Spanish Edition) by An Alfaya and Xulia Barros Barros (Jun 30, 2005)

booksSireno (Complice) by Dario Alvarez Gandara (1993)

booksTitano Sirenos by Kurt Vonnegut (2009)

booksTitano Sirenos by Kurtas Vonegutas (1993)


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Disease or medical condition

Sirenomelia, alternatively known as Mermaid Syndrome, is a very rare congenital deformity in which the legs are fused together, giving them the appearance of a mermaid's tail. This condition is found in approximately one out of every 100,000 live...

Organism Classification

Sirenoscincus is a genus of lizards, skinks that are endemic to Madagascar. The scientific name Sirenoscincus means "mermaid skink" as skinks in this genus have only forelimbs and no hind limbs, like the mythical mermaid.