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booksDynamical 3-space: gravitational wave detection and the Shnoll effect.: An article from: Progress in Physics by David P. Rothall and Reginald T. Cahill (Jun 28, 2014)

booksGeneral relativity theory explains the Shnoll effect and makes possible forecasting earthquakes and weather cataclysms... by Dmitri Rabounski and Larissa Borissova (Jul 15, 2014)


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Simon Shnoll
Man, Person

Simon El'evich Shnol is a biophysicist, and a historian of Soviet science. He is a professor at Physics Department of Moscow State University and a member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. His fields of interest are the oscillatory processes in...

10286 Shnollia
Asteroid, Star system body, Celestial Object, Orbital Relationship, Astronomical Discovery

10286 Shnollia is a main-belt asteroid discovered on September 16, 1982 by L. I. Chernykh at the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory.