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urban1. A program which provides some service to other (client) programs. The connection between client and server is normally by means of message passing, often over a network, and uses some protocol to encode the client's requests and the server's responses. The server may run continuously (as a daemon), waiting for requests to arrive or it may be invoked by some higher level daemon which controls a number of specific servers (inetd on Unix). There are many servers associated with the Internet, such as those for Network File System, Network Information Service (NIS), Domain Name System (DNS), FTP, news, finger, Network Time Protocol. On Unix, a long list can be found in /etc/services or in the NIS database "services". See client-server. 2. A computer which provides some service for other computers connected to it via a network. The most common example is a file server which has a local disk and services requests from remote clients to read and write files on that disk, often using Sun's Network File System (NFS) protocol or Novell Netware on IBM PCs.

urbanAll information accessible via the Internet is stored on one of several different types of a server.

urbanThe politically correct word for waiter/ waitress, which is a very high stress job that usually pays under $3 and hour. Commonly confused by people who assume server can also mean; servant, maid, lesser being, jester, water bearer, slave, and sometimes even a dog. That is a common misconception.

urbanSever- I fucking quit this shithole of a job. Manager of Chili's- What's wrong? Sever- Fucking table 22 thinks I'm here to wait on them hand and foot and asks for 1 new thing every time i pass their table instead of all at once when I ask them if they need anything else. 33 thinks for some odd reason their 2 year old should be allowed to pour out all the sugar and then draw on it. Aaron's table 45 wants me to get refills for them because their server sucks, and some A-hole at 11 just snapped at me like I am his German Sheppard. Fuck You, Fuck Them, I quit.

urbanPerson who takes your order and brings you food at a restaurant.

urbanKelly is an actress but she also works as a server at California Pizza Kitchen to pay her rent.

urbanthe politically correct form of 'waiter'\'waitress'


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Film character, Fictional Character

A server is a running instance of an application capable of accepting requests from the client and giving responses accordingly. Servers can run on any computer including dedicated computers, which individually are also often referred to as "the...

Client–server model

The client–server model of computing is a distributed application structure that partitions tasks or workloads between the providers of a resource or service, called servers, and service requesters, called clients. Often clients and servers...