Books about Seizan:

booksSeizan Atosu: Bizanchin No Yūwaku by Kawamata Kazuhide (0100)

booksGinkgo Biloba health law rejuvenated and do Mmm -! Stop the aging of blood vessels is the cause of adult diseases... by unknown (0100)

books! Heal atopy - prevention and therapy studies childcare new breakthrough (SEIZAN BOOKS) (1987) ISBN: 4882540711... by Fukui Yasuhiko (0100)

booksWimp president science of tortoise (SEIZAN BUSINESS) (1988) ISBN: 4882540746 [Japanese Import] by Turtle Taro (0100)

booksTonosama to nezumi kozo: Roko Matsuura Seizan no sekai (Chuko shinsho) (Japanese Edition) by Mikito Ujiie (1991)

booksFukami Seizan: Sono tensai no himitsu o saguru (Japanese Edition) by Shiro Isozaki (1991)

booksSeizan Daishi no Zenke kikan kenkyu (Japanese Edition) by Chong-o Sin (1991)


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Seizan is the name of the branch of Jōdo-shū Buddhism that was founded by Hōnen's disciple, Shōkū. Shōkū often went by the name Seizan as well, however the name derives from the western mountains of Kyoto where Shōkū often dwelt. The main temple of...

Matsura Seizan
Deceased Person, Person

Matsura Seizan, born Matsura Kiyoshi, was a daimyo, essayist, and famed swordsman during the Edo period of Japan. Seizan was a practitioner of Iba Hideaki's Shingyōtō-ryū school of swordsmanship, in which Seizan was considered as an adept. Seizan...