Definition funny of Schlup:

urbanA person having minimal motivation. A person who never takes the initiative to complete a task. This person is all around lazy. This person is considered to be a burden on society.

urbanWhat exactly have you done all day long, you schlup?!?! And you didn't do anything about that?!?-You Schlup!

urban/: verb "to schlup; schlupping" The act of dragging one's flip flops along the ground whilst walking, generating an constant and highly unsavoury sound. /: noun "schlup" The name or term bestowed upon the irritating person who partakes in the act of 'schlupping' on a regular basis.

urbanEg #1. First Person: "Have you ever noticed how annoying Daniel's walk is?" Second Person: "As a matter of fact I have, it's because he never stops schlupping." Eg #2. First Person: "Damn, Dan's walk is so bloody annoying! It drives me CRAZY" Second Person: "I know right?! He's such a fucking schlup!"

urbanThe sound made if one was to to place one's hands behind a girls head during sex and when she's least execting it, just go a head and just whack it in her mouth. This should create the pleasant "schlup" sound.

urbanOh thats good, oh right there, mmm, oh where are you going, where do you want me...*schlup*...mmm, mmufffrrrlfff mm, glaaaarbbmuurgmmmblle...Gasp.


Books about Schlup:

booksDeath row inmate deserves new hearing, highest court says. (Lloyd E. Schlup): An article from: St. Louis Journalism... by Michael K. Griffin (Jul 28, 2005)

booksMax Schlup (German Edition) by Schlup Max and Architekturforum Biel (Jan 1, 2014)


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Jeff Schlupp
Soccer, Person, Measured person, Football player, Athlete

Jeffrey "Jeff" Schlupp is a professional footballer who plays for English club Leicester City and the Ghana national team as a left back or winger. He started his career as a striker.

Schlup v. Delo
Legal case, Event

Schlup v. Delo, 513 U.S. 298, was a case in which the United States Supreme Court expanded the ability to reopen a case in light of new evidence of innocence. Petitioner Lloyd E. Schlup, Jr., a Missouri prisoner under a sentence of death for the 1984...