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urban(noun) -- a total coward. So defined because Francesco Schettino, Captain of the cruise ship Costa Concordia which ran aground off the coast of Tuscany resulting in at least 11 deaths, abandoned the ship before many of the passengers and crew, and did not return to the ship despite being ordered to do so by the Italian coast guard to help with the rescue operations. A Schettino is the polar opposite of Captain Sully.

urbanThat guy is a Schettino. He ran like a girl to save himself!

urban1. verb: To flee without any consideration, dignity, grace or seeming self-respect, particularly from a catastrophic or embarrassing occurrence, with only one's own personal interests at stake. 2. noun: A derogatory term for a person or individual who possesses the unlikable characteristics of someone engaged in schettinoing.

urban1. Verb: I got caught kicking that girl-scout in the vagina because she wouldn't give me a cookie, so I Schettinoed out of there! 2. Verb: Rupert Murdoch can schettino like no other. Did you see him schettino out of that News of the World scandal? There are rats who could learn a thing or two from that man! 3. Noun: For Christ's sake Dick, stop being a Schettino, and let's get this man to a hospital. I'm sure they'll believe you when you say it was a hunting accident.

urbanCoward. When an individual, who is primarily occupied by impressing a female companion, crashes a cruise ship and quickly bales on responsibly, even when other lives are at risk.

urbanPerson A, “Did you hear about Billy?” Person B, “Yea, he skipped out on his teammates. Right when they really needed him.” Person A, “What a Schettino!”

urban1. Cowardice in the face of distress. 2. The act of abandoning those who have placed their trust in you.


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songsOra Sai (Schettino blues) by Riccardo Russo from the Album Ora sai


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Bruno Schettino

Bruno Schettino was the Roman Catholic archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Capua, Italy. Ordained to the priesthood in 1964, Schettino was made bishop in 1987 and died while in office.

Alberto Schettino
Soccer Defender, Football player, Person, Athlete, Measured person

Alberto Schettino is an Italian footballer who plays for Fondi. Schettino spent his whole career at Lega Pro.