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urbanI hate charvers, they're all cocks burberry hats and burberry socks, earrings made of cheap fake gold, fag butts that they always hold, they wear them stupid sports clothes too, while they're 'bezzin' with their 'crew' around the town, just hanging out, they all swear and scream and shout, they have a language called townie speak, drink white shite and get fucked all week, they're hair so full of hairspray it makes me gag, "'ere you mate, giv' us a fag fookin' this and fookin' that, don't you 'dis' me burberry hat 'scuze me mate I fucked ya mam, gi' us sum pennies to buy some scran meeeh! you fuckin' bastard boggers di' you like me adi' joggers? shut yer mouth or i'll shut it for yer i don't need no court-room lawyer going to prison is like fuckin' hardcore waitin' in the dole line is such a bore in me jail cell tha time don't pass ('ere jus' don' tell anyone I got fuck'd in the ass)! me mums a slag an mi sis' a hoe u take ta piss... but boferd? NO! thats why i'm retarded and can hardly speak but i'm tha best an' you're a 'freak' (mmmeeeeeeh!!!) well minted is the town cross, we can go down 'market and just doss, i like me ashlands and ta council estate" its those bastard charvers that I really hate!

urbancouncil estates, sea side resorts, town centers, anywhere where u can hear a car alarm...

urbanA scally is a low life loser who lacks the basic education to string together sentences of more than five words. This prevents them from taking up the only job they are qualified for as they cannot say "Do you want fries with that ?" To make up for their shortcomings they wear a uniform of fake designer gear and hang around on the streets looking for stuff to rob. The ultimate outfit is anything by LaCoste "Cos its kewl laaa". They normally only own one tracky and their single mothers dont know how to clean it so they are a bit grimy and they stink. Once a person has succumbed to scallydom there is no saving them and they are doomed to spend the rest of their lives hanging round street corners with other losers drinking cheap cider and 25 lager. To rebel against their sad lot in life scallies actually create a perverse sense of pride in belonging to the group and attempt to 'out scally, the other members to gain approval.

urbanIs that a dog turd over there or a SCALLY taking a rest?

urbanA government experiment which involved breeding rats and humans gone terribly wrong. Originally intented to create a type of drone army but insted created a ever increasing group of city dwelling smegma piles that live in tower blocks or boxes.It has recently been discovered that these genetically modified rats have little or no intellegence and only survive on basic instict thus the mistake was made. Insted of fighting wars these vermin fight random people for "looking at them" will only fight one normal person at a time and there has to be at least 50 scallies before any combat takes place. They also steal from old people off licences and cars doesnt matter what it is, it could be a comb they'll still have it. General Scally Image Scallies are often easy to spot as theyhang around together and all look the same, whiteish(sometimes green), greasy, spotty short haired, covered in "gold" jewellary (crafted by the finest £1 shop usally made from copper, tin plastic etc)And of course the trackie bottems, white sports socks, a woolie jumper/hooded over-throw jacket, baseball cap that teeters on the back of the head, white mucky trainers/fuck off pair of boots. Unable to speak cohererantly Still Scallies do maintain some sort of social/military structure be awre of the following invading your town Foot Scallies Aged 13-16 that hang round outside off-licences, corners, parks. Uniformed in the manditory Adidas trackie bottems tucked into white kappa sports socks. Any type of classic trainer Adidas/Reebok (Rockports boots worn for nights out) Weapons of choice Tin of spay paint, glass bottle. Commader Scall Aged 17-20 require a vehicle of some sort usually a Vuaxhall Nova, Astra. Ford Esort, Sierra, Suzuki 125 trialblazer (used generally for snatching old ladies handbags) All of which have been modified using scrap metal, polyfiller, drainpipes and lego. Dress code still the same as taste is not a quality found in any scally. Weapon of choice baseball bat or a plank of wood located in the drivers side footwell, "gold" knuckle dusters General Scally or "Scallite" There only can ever be one Scally elite to each group of about 30 Scallys (6 Commaders, 18 Foot, 6 "female" scallies) A scally leader is primative looking, has to be over 25 years old have a criminal record which include any of these: burglary, theft ABH GBH and genreally being offensive. Has to own a pair of jeans and a shirt, requires some sort of facial hair, have what may be classed as a human girlfriend and to be father to have his own bedsit and sells drugs. In some cases addicted to heroin. Not to be approached at all as he will stink like a grannies rotting fanny. Uniformed in a classic full all white Adidas tracksuit Rockport boots nicely trimmed with the finest gold jewellary from Argos Weapon of Choice an air rifle, piece of scaffold, alsation or rotweiler dog. Places to visit for some fun filled Scally bashing Leeds Liverpool Keighley Manchester, London Bimingham Mewcastle and any sea side resort

urbanFuck off Scally Scally fuck off Off fuck Scally

urbanned, bazza, townie A term coined originally in Liverpool to group together a certain type of person through their clothes, language and ideals.


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Paul Scally
Man, Person

Paul Damien Phillip Scally is a London-born businessman who has been the chairman of association football club Gillingham since 1995.


Scallie or Scally, is also short for Scallywag, a term used as a name of a UK subculture of working class youth who had adopted a street fashion including the wearing of branded sportswear often with a baseball cap and with a hoodie worn down, not...


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