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Mikhail Savoyarov
Deceased Person, Person

Mikhail Savoyarov was a Russian chansonnier, composer, poet, comic actor and mime. In the first quarter of 20th century he was a famous satirical singer-songwriter. His popularity peak was in the years of war when he began to be called the King of...

Yuri Khanon
Composer, Award Nominee, Person, Film music contributor, Musical Artist, Award Winner

Yuri Khanon is a pen name of Yuri Feliksovich Soloviev-Savoyarov, a Russian composer. Prior to 1993, he wrote under a pen name Yuri Khanin, but later transformed it into Yuri Khanon, spelling it in a pre-1918 Russian style as ХанонЪ. Khanon was born...