Books about Sariputta:

booksLife of Sariputta by Venerable Nyanaponika A. Thera (Sep 7, 1998)

booksWisdom first: Sariputta (Paperback) (Traditional Chinese Edition) (2002)

booksThe Life of Sariputta. The Wheel Publication No.90-92 by N Thera (1966)

booksThe Life of Sariputta, Nos. 90 - 92 by Thera Nyanaponika (1966)

booksA Critical Study of the Life and Works of Sariputta Thera by Thich Huyen-Vi (Le Van Huyen) (1989)

booksSariputta & Moggallana: The inspiring story of Lord Buddha's two chief disciples by Neluwe Jinaratana Thera (1948)

booksLife of Sariputta, the by Nyanaponika Thera (1966)