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booksFergus,Russ and Rudraige, A brief Biography of Fergus Mac Roich Emania Focus on the Dark Ages Bulletin of the... by The Navan Research Group (1993)


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Rudraige mac Sithrigi
Man, Person

Rudraige, son of Sitric, son of Dub, son of Fomor, son of Airgetmar, was, according to medieval Irish legend and historical tradition, a High King of Ireland. He took power after killing his predecessor, Crimthann Coscrach, and ruled for thirty or...

Rudraige mac Dela
Man, Person

Rudraige, son of Dela, of the Fir Bolg was the legendary second High King of Ireland, succeeding his brother Sláine. When the Fir Bolg invaded Ireland the five sons of Dela divided the island amongst themselves. Rudraige landed at Tracht Rudraige and...