Definition funny of Romit:

urbanthe opitomy of sweetness...a romit is so hot that when theyre around someone they make that person melt. And their smile is the sexiest thing in the world.

urban1. Man, i gotta get me a romit 2. i wanna do romit

urbanRomit is a term used to describe some one that is not in control of there own life. Usually there life will be controlled by their parents until there late twenties. Somebody that is a romit could also be described as being on ultimate lockdown.

urbanMo: Yo! Where did sergeant bar go? Ebbo: He had to go home, his mom called him. Mo: It's only half nine... Ebbo: Yeah I no, he's such a romit.

urban1. v., emptying one's stomach through the mouth in an act of rage. (This a portmanteau of the words rage and vomit) 2. n., the substance produced thereof.

urbanExample A: You'd better not beat me in chess, or I'll romit all over the place! Example B: Andrew, I'm tired of cleaning up your romit every time you can't get the information you need for one of your assignments.

urbanA person who is very judgmental on his images. Word is also placed together with "world" to form "Romit-world", meaning a world of beautiful gay images that flood a person's mind.


Books about Romit:

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Romit Raj
Actor, Person, TV Actor, Award Nominee, Influence Node, Film actor

Romit Raj is an Indian actor who appeared in Zee TV serials Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann as Yuvraj Garodia and Maayka as Jeet Khurana. He also acted in Humdum which was released in 11 February 2005 as Siddhant Dey, and Yatra as Joglekar's son which was...


Romit is a town and jamoat in Tajikistan. It is located in Vahdat District in Districts of Republican Subordination province.The jamoat has a total population of 10338.