Definition funny of Rebellion:

urbanSomething all human beings have the right, and the moral responsibility, to do, if/when their current system of government or society no longer performs legitimate functions. Said right is guaranteed in the United States Constitution and is immortalized in the prose of Thomas Jefferson.

urbanThe British taxed us and tried to take our guns... Bill Clinton and Janet Reno shot people and torched buildings full of people... The result? American Revolution. Timothy McVeigh. Rebellion.

urbansaying FUCK YOU to the world and the government and anything you dont agree with.

urbanThe rebellion said "im not going to do that"

urbanSoon-to-be conformity when enough individuals do it.

urbanTeenage rebellion is a fucking joke, because EVERY adolescent is either a Goth, geek, wigger, wanksta, fag, jock, trendie, teenybopper, or mallrat.

urbanSomething people aren't capable of doing anymore. People disagree with the congress and senate that WE VOTED IN, but don't change anything! If you disagree with our government, then get off the couch, and DO SOMETHING! It doesn't have to be violent, it doesn't have to be loud, just DO SOMETHING! BE INSPIRED! If you really love freedom, then why don't you turn off the TV, sober up, maybe take a shower, and live your life without someone telling you what to do!


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