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urbanto get together and exchange ideas; a conversation between two cool souls.

urban...yeah man, we gotta reason sometimes.

urbanThe process by which people find out what is the truth. The opposite of faith.

urbanEinstein discovered how relativity worked by using reason and thinking about it.

urbanA female's period

urbanMiranda: Why can't you go swimming? Shae: Reasons Miranda: Oh.

urbanzeal>phoneme re>morph rezea/\resea>missutering (ˈriːz(ə)n) Forms: 4 resun, 5 resoune, 5–7 reson, 6 rai-, rayson, reazon, Sc. resson, 5– reason. †1.1 trans. To question (a person); to call (one) to account. = areason v. Obs. rare. 2.2 †a.2.a intr. To hold argument, discussion, discourse or talk with another. Obs.    The precise sense depends greatly on the context. †b.2.b (Without const.) To argue, discourse, converse, talk. Obs. †c.2.c Const. about, against, of, on (a matter). Obs. d.2.d To employ reasoning or argument with a person, in order to influence his conduct or opinions. 3. a.3.a intr. To think in a connected, sensible, or logical manner; to employ the faculty of reason in forming conclusions (in general, or in a particular instance).    In early use not clearly distinguished from 2 b. b.3.b Const. from (premises or data); about, of, upon (a subject). 4.4 With object-clause: a.4.a To question, discuss what, why, etc. b.4.b To argue, conclude, infer that, etc. c.4.c To say by way of argument. nonce-use. 5.5 trans. a.5.a To discuss or argue (a matter). Now rare. b.5.b To explain, support, infer, deal with, by (or as by) reasoning. nonce-uses. 6. a.6.a To bring (a person) into, out of (a state of mind, etc.) by reasoning. b.6.b To put down by reasoning. c.6.c To drive away or off by reasoning. 7.7 To think out, to arrange the thought of, in a logical manner. 8.8 To provide with reason; to accompany with a reason. nonce-uses.


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"Reasons" is a love ballad by Earth, Wind & Fire from their sixth album, That's the Way of the World. The album was the group's most successful and contained their first hit, "Shining Star". The album served as the soundtrack for the Harvey Keitel...