Definition funny of Rayli:

urbanOne who poses homosexual like qualities. Individuals labeled 'rayli' are sexual frustrated to the point that causes the individual to under perform at all activities, these activities include: sex, masterbation, running, footwork, badminton, and being cool. Those who come in contact with a rayli should take exterme caution as they may contract 'rayli syndrome'. rayli syndrome is characterized by the following: a) one who constantly complains to others about his girlfriend b) one who is the 'bitch' or servant of his girlfriend c) one who sounds like a homosexual while speaking on the phone d) one who does minimal physical activity and feels they have accomplished a great feat e) one who has been with his girlfriend for 5 years + and still hasn't fucked her f) one who is a 23 year old virgin g) one who is generally described as a girlyman, homosexual, faggot, virgin etc. h) one who is generally pitied by all anyone who is a rayli has a high chance of becoming a rapist in the near future due to restricted sexual activities.

urbana) "WTF!?! that guy is 23 and he's still a virgin? that guy is so rayli!" b) "That shit is so rayli. How can he think he is good?" c) "Bitch! You better not try anything on me" - Juliana. "I'm sorry, please don't leave me" - rayli


Books about Rayli:

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bookscareer with SHOW (Rayli special edition) [paperback](Chinese Edition) by ZHU FU ZHI YOU SHE (Jan 1, 2000)

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practical Railway Engineering by Clifford F Bonnett (2013)

booksSlim with SHOW (Rayli special edition) [paperback] by ZHU FU ZHI YOU SHE (1991)