Definition funny of Putrid:

urbanDisgusting, repulsive, offensive. Often used when referring to odors.

urbanOh, by the way, the putrid smell you caught a whiff of was my brother cooking. You know, because he can't cook.

urbanAustralian slang for gross or chat. used to descibe a discusting senario/person/or matter.

urbanOh shazza, did you see that girls head? Yeah it was putrid

urbanrotten, discomposed organic matter

urbanthe cheese is putrid

urbanThis is a new one from Australia, my mate has got me using it. See smashed it involves drinking far too much alcohol and becoming rancid, possibly having a munt (spew) all over the inside of a taxi.


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Putrid Pile
Musical Artist, Person, Musician


The Syvash or Sivash, also known as the Putrid Sea or Rotten Sea, is a large system of shallow lagoons on the west coast of the Sea of Azov. Separated from the sea by the narrow Arabat Spit, the water of the Syvash covers an area of around 2,560 km²...