Books about Putres:

booksUn Viaje a Putre by Julio Ramirez (Jan 1, 1929)

booksArica,Chile: Including its History, Putre, The Azapa Valley, The Lauca National Park, and More by Sandra Wilkins (Aug 2, 2012)

booksRuinae... et putres robore trunci. Paesaggi di rovine e rovine nel paesaggio nella pittura romana (I secolo a.C... by Isabella Colpo (Jan 1, 2010)


Wiki information Putres:

Chemical Compound

Putrescine, or tetramethylenediamine, is a foul-smelling organic chemical compound NH₂(CH₂)₄NH₂ that is related to cadaverine; both are produced by the breakdown of amino acids in living and dead organisms and both are toxic in large doses. The two...

Tyrophagus putrescentiae
Organism Classification

Tyrophagus putrescentiae is a cosmopolitan mite species. Together with the related species T. longior, it is commonly referred to as the mould mite.