Books about Progoff:

booksThe Evolution of the Self as applied to C.G. Jung and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (Progoff Lecture Se by Ira Progoff PhD (2010)

booksThe Dialogue House Experience (Progoff Lecture Series) by Ira Progoff PhD, rationale for the Intensive Journal method and overall approach to human development (2010)

booksWaking Dream and Living Myth (Progoff Lecture Series) by Ira Progoff PhD, role of symbolic material and overall growth and apply theories to work of Ingmar Bergman (2010)

booksContemporary Authors: Biography - Progoff, Ira (1921-1997) (Mar 8, 2005)

booksFinding Your Identity (Progoff Lecture Series) by Ira Progoff PhD, cycles of growth, freedom and creativity and adopting a larger perspective (2010)

booksThe Inner Development Process (Progoff Lecture Series) by Ira Progoff PhD, growth from within and development of society and the individual (2010)

booksCreativity & Spirit in History & Today (Progoff Lecture Series) by Ira Progoff PhD, search for individual meaning and struggle to find direction (2010)


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Ira Progoff
Psychologist, Person, Deceased Person, Author

Ira Progoff was an American psychotherapist, best known for his development of the Intensive Journal Method while at Drew University. His main interest was in depth psychology and particularly the humanistic adaptation of Jungian ideas to the lives...

Intensive journal method

The intensive journal method is a psychotherapeutic technique largely developed in 1966 at Drew University and popularized by Ira Progoff. It consists of a series of writing exercises using loose leaf notebook paper in a simple ring binder, divided...