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urban(sanskrit) 1.(n.) The beginning of day; dawn; day break 2.(n.) The break of day; the first appearance of light in the morning; show of approaching sunrise; the time in the morning when light first appears; dawn; sunrise 3. (n.) the beginning or rise of anything; advent of something eg. an era, age, time :The dawn (pratyush) of civilisation, The dawn (pratyush) of history. 4. (v.) to begin to grow light in the morning: The day dawned (pratyush) with a cloudless sky. 5. (v.) to begin; to rise; to start 6. ( n.) A male given name, a masculine name: from a Sanskrit word meaning “Dawn.”

urban1. I went there at the day break(pratyush) 2. The dawn(pratyush) of time.


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Pratyush Prakash

Pratyush Prakash is an Indian lyricist and poet. He writes songs for Bollywood Movies. He is better known for being featured under the 'Best Original Song' category in the Oscar Contention List 2014, for Kamasutra 3D.