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Aghorekamini Prakashchandra Mahavidyalaya
College/University, Educational Institution, Location, Organization, Employer

Aghorekamini Prakashchandra Mahavidyalaya, also known as Bengai College, is a college in Bengai, in Hooghly district, India. It offers undergraduate courses in arts, commerce and sciences. It is affiliated to University of Burdwan. It was established...

Prakashchandra Pandurang Shirodkar

Dr Prakāścandra Pāṇḍuraṅga Śiroḍakara, eldest son of late Pāṇḍuraṅga Puruṣottama Śiroḍakara, one of the most prominent freedom fighters of Goa and the first Speaker of the Goa, Daman and Diu Legislative. He worked as the director of Directorate of...