Definition funny of Portley:

urban1. A male ginger, usually under age 18, who obsessively drinks milk and naps. As a result, the bones of a portley are almost pure calcium. The blood of a portley is 98.62% milk. In addition, portleys account for 82.7% of the world's milk consumption. They are often oafy and counter the effects of their milk drinking habits to an extent by drinking beer. This is called the "Portley Paradox". Their favorite song is always, without fail, Warm Leatherette by The Normal.

urban1. That new ginger kid is such a portley, he's always drinking milk and beer. 2. Yeah, I heard him listening to Warm Leatherette this morning.

urbana) Someone who is more round, than fat. b) Someone who eat's obscene amounts of food, all the time.

urbana) No John, I don't think you're fat, you're more of a portley fellow. b) Damn G, you are one portley mo fo! You just ate 56 chicken wing's and a flat of coke!


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Kieren Portley
Award Winner, Person, Award Nominee

Kieren Portley is a nominee in the 29th Sports Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches Sports Event Coverage. He spent 10 years at ESPN Deportes as a coordinating producer and was responsible for the creation of popular shows such as MMA Live,...

Calvin Portley
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