Books about Phiale:

booksArchaeology Magazine (May / June 1998) Maya Urban Warfare; Looting of Italy; Case of the Golden Phiale; Burning... by James Wiseman, Eugene N. Borza, Ellen Herscher and Neil Asher Silberman (1998)

booksAn Archaeological Earthquake at Olympia / A Greek Silver Phiale in the Metropolitan Museum (American Journal of... by William B. Dinsmoor and Gisela M. A. Richter (1941)

booksThe Phiale painter (Forschungen zur antiken Keramik) by John Howard Oakley (1990)


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Organism Classification

Phiale is a spider genus of the Salticidae family. Its described species are found in South and Central America from Argentina to Mexico. A few species are endemic to several Caribbean islands. P. albovittata is considered a junior synonym of Freya...


In the material culture of classical antiquity, a phiale or patera is a shallow ceramic or metal libation bowl. It often has a bulbous indentation in the center underside to facilitate holding it, in which case it is sometimes called a mesomphalic...