Songs about Pertinax:

songsInsektarium, BVN 134: VI. Anobium Pertinax (Dodningeur, Death Watch Beetle) by Rosalind Bevan from the Album Langgasrd Insektarium & Other Piano Works

songsPertinax Love by Robert Schroeder from the Album Slow Motion


Books about Pertinax:

booksRoman Silver Coins, Volume Three: Pertinax to Balbinus & Pupienus by H.A. Seaby and D.R. Sear (Jun 1982)

booksEl Doctor PĂ©rtinax (Spanish Edition) by Leopoldo Alas (Nov 22, 2011)

booksLa Pertinax

booksRoman Silver Coins Vol. III Pertinax - Balbinus and Pupienus by H.A. Seaby (1969)

booksPertinax Und Die Markomannenkriege (German Edition) by Martin Homburg (Sep 1, 2013)

booksThe Penny Cyclopaedia Of The Society For The Diffusion Of Useful Knowledge: Organ - Pertinax, Volume 17 by Society for the Diffusion of Useful Know (Jul 22, 2011)

booksVies D'antonin Le Pieux, De Marc Antonin Le Philosophe, De Verus, De Pertinax, D'albin, De Macrin, Des Deux Maximin... by Anonymous (Aug 31, 2012)


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Roman Emperor, Person, Monarch, Deceased Person, Noble person, Politician

Pertinax was Roman Emperor for three months in 193. He is known as the first emperor of the tumultuous Year of the Five Emperors. A high-ranking military and Senatorial figure, he tried to restore discipline in the Praetorian Guards, whereupon they...

Hadrobregmus pertinax
Organism Classification

Hadrobregmus pertinax is a species of woodboring beetle within the genus Hadrobregmus of the family Anobiidae. The adult is black, with yellow hairs at the back corners of its head, and is 4-5 mm long. The larva is white, about 5 mm long, and lives...