Definition funny of Penguins:

urbanWhen a woman gives a man a blowjob, and just before climax, she walks away. The man then follows her, waddling with his pants around his ankles, begging her to come back.

urbanThe bastard pissed me off, so I gave him a penguin.

urbanAn extremely cool bird that will kill all who do not absolutly love it and has the potential to invent space travel and wish to establish a colony on Pluto

urban"the penguins have launched several thousand AM-Bombs around the world after extracting their supporters. We're all fucking screwed."

urban1. A small, black and white, sexy aquatic flightless bird. 2. A rich guy who wears a tux everwhere..one whose ass must be kicked. 3. An idiotic character from the TV show Batman, who makes long ass schemes such as "i burn you slowly with a magnifying glass" to kill people instead of just shooting their ass. He has his very own asshat

urban1. That penguin was too busy being swarmed by women to talk to. 2. I kicked that penguins ass and stole his girlfriend. 3. Trever Clement is almost as gay as the Penguin.

urbanA penguin is one of the two magical creatures of Earth. They are extremely skilled at martial arts and are reliable agents of espionage. Penguins can traverse quickly through the water and are unaffected by sub-arctic temperatures. Penguins claim to be the original pioneers of space travel.


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Movies about Penguins:

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moviesThe Pebble and the Penguin 2007 G CC - Runtime: 1 hr 14 mins Starring: Shani Wallis, S. Scott Bullock, et al. Directed by: Don Bluth and Gary Goldman


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Pittsburgh Penguins
Professional Sports Team, Sports Team, Person or entity appearing in film, Literature Subject, Ice hockey team, Award Nominee

The Pittsburgh Penguins are an American professional ice hockey team based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They are members of the Metropolitan Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Hockey League. The franchise was founded in 1967 as one of...

Animal, Character Species, Zoo Exhibit, Organism Classification

Penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in Antarctica. Highly adapted for life in the water, penguins have countershaded dark and white plumage, and their wings have evolved...