Definition funny of Parro:

urbanAustralian slang term for being drunk.

urbanMan i was so parro that i pee'd in the sink. Don't talk to me Jared, you haven't been Parro

urbansome one who is paroletic from being intoxicated (common austrailian term for when some one is very drunk)

urbanohhh man on the weekend i was parro cant remember a fuckin thing

urbanits a derivitave of the term "parylitic" which means paralysed in the muscles. commonly used as slang in australia to describe somebody who has drank so much that they have reached a state of being unable to move, speak etc. the term "parro" is also used to describe someone who is just incredibly drunk. See example below.

urbanI've drank so much that while I'm putting this definition up I could be classed as "parro", and probably would be "parro" at most high school parties with the amount I have drunk. However, because I am not in high school, and because I can still use my fingers to type, I am not parylised and therefore techinically not "parro".

urbanactually the word parro has nothing to do with being drunk. it's jamaican and is derived from the word paranoid from smoking weed. it is on no way related to being intoxicated.


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